“When we gather together…We come together because it is good for kinsmen to do so.”


Mama Ashanti is justly famed as the home of West African culture in Kenya more so for the food, but also for the selection of afro-fusion music that accompany your authentic West African meal. 

Fela Kuti, Sade Adu, Aṣa and others fill the restaurant with their beautiful melodies at Mama Ashanti Lavington and Mama Ashanti Waterfront.

As you’re still awash with delicious and authentic West African meals, the LIVE Band at Mama Ashanti Lavington promises a merry, surprising and altogether wholesome experience you can share with friends, family or strangers.

Groove to top familiar classics across all genres from the 80’s and 90’s every Friday evening at 4pm – 8pm at Mama Ashanti Lavington.

It’s an absolute treat for the ears – a unique dining experience complete with a cultural goldmine of entertainment.

LIVE Band coming soon to Mama Ashanti Waterfront.

Kids and Kids at Heart

Bring your playful little one with energy to burn, to Mama Ashanti Waterfront. The Maji Magic Aqua Park is splashing fun. 

Swing, climb, slide, slip and dip across the inflatable wonderland for a day full of giggles. When hunger strikes, let your adventurous youngster dig into Mama Ashanti’s scrumptious kids menu, filled to the brim with fresh ingredients and simple flavours we know kids love.

Part-water park, part-go kart track, a paintball field, and a PlayStation lounge, children of all ages will have hours of play and fun. Meanwhile, you enjoy the wonderful ambience at Mama Ashanti Waterfront in bliss.

The Waterpark is right across the restaurant, so you can relax and enjoy your authentic West African meal as you keep a watchful eye on your children. 

Kids and Kids at Heart

Bonfire Nights

Some of the great pleasures of Nairobi only reveal themselves once the sun sets. While a few of these evening pursuits may already be well known to you—like sundowners at Mama Ashanti Lavington or nighttime bonding at Mama Ashanti Eko Lounge, there’s one after-dark diversion you may not have considered: Bonfire Nights at Mama Ashanti Lavington.

On evenings when the temperatures dip, we turn the heat up with a bonfire at the Mama Ashanti Lavington Garden. A well-kept secret known only to loyal guests. Friends, family and strangers enjoy authentic West African delicacies, or sip on their favourite beer, wine or cocktail under the night sky.

We provide all guests with monogrammed fleece blankets to keep warm as they snuggle up next to the fire. You could also order our signature long island cocktail to help ward off the chill.

The Bonfire casts an enchanting spell for those who experience it. Truly a magical night – we might decide to keep the secret to ourselves.

Hint: Ask any staff member at Mama Ashanti Lavington or Mama Ashanti Waterfront when the next Bonfire event will be held.

fire, hot, high speed-2831279.jpg


Make a reservation to dine in for lunch with friends or host a casual business meeting. Grab a cocktail after work or celebrate a special moment over dinner.

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