A new year, a fresh start!
A new year, tradition

Every new year brings about a certain feeling of new beginnings.However,food and tradition have managed to stay intact only improving in newer recipe additions and freedom in thoughts.

Notably, a new page is always one of our favourites as we have the opportunity to see how tradition and food made and enjoyed by our great grand parents have managed to prove immortal. What’s more, they have transcended time and have continuously proven that they are here to stay, to be passed on to generations.

African tradition is largely portrayed in our food and culture. Food which we love to share ,recipes from our grandmother’s and theirs, culture in our dressing, songs and languages to mention a few.

When we first set up camp in Kenya as a restaurant , a West African restaurant.  We intended to carry part of our tradition from the West of Africa to the East. To uphold our tastes and perpetuate our traditions in a far away land. The people fell in love with the food and have developed quite an appetite for the cuisine.

Importantly, in any African house ,there is always food since you can never tell when a guest will show up .This is a tradition that has been upheld all around the continent.For this reason,here at Mama Ashanti . Food is always prepared in plenty to share with our East African family

A new year, maybe new recipes! Fresher vegetables,  tantalising aromas from our kitchen and a lovely service and ambiance. What tops, good food, a beautiful space and a family or friends to share it with? Nothing!

In efforts to highlight our West African culture in the East African land of Nairobi ,we provide the same. From our decor ,  to the serene garden. Playground for our little ones and a mall experience for our youth.Importantly,food is definitely the icing on this cake! We provide a range of delicious jollof,okra ,popular fufu, beloved semolina, gari and our hot pepper soup. Simply scan the menu and you’ll realise I have only just stated some of the favourites.

A new era of the Mama Ashanti Restaurant is here. The doors are wide open, and the food is served hot!

Welcome and Happy New year to all!
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