Ogbono Stew With garri – The Perfect Combo

Ogbono Stew With Garri, Mama Ashanti, Nigerian Food, West African cuisine, Fresh & health food

Nigerian Ogbono Stew with Garri is the ultimate combo despite there being many a great meal combos from West Africa.

Ogbono prepared from mango seed as the star ingredient paired with garri – a pounded mash of cassava, our focus is on this special meal. The West African people rank this as one of their favorite meal combos. Ogbono soup also known as dika or draw soup with garri which is either white or yellow. A combo widely enjoyed among the West Africans that is quite nutritious, filling  as well as delicious!

Ogbono Stew With Garri, Mama Ashanti, Nigerian Food, West African cuisine, Fresh & health food, Ogbono Stew With garri - The Perfect Combo
Ogbono soup is a delicacy prepared with ground, dry Ogbono seeds (African mango seeds).  Assorted meats such as beef, goat meat, bush meat, stale fish, shrimp, shaki and ponmo. Palm oil, leafy vegetables such as bitterleaf, celusia and  various traditional 

spices. These are chilies, bullion powder, onions and even iru(fermented locust beans). It has a slimy texture with rich and bold flavors ,very delicious and easy to swallow. However, when not cooked well, it might end up with a bitter taste and when stored for too long it will develop a soapy taste. 

Origin & Cultural Background

Ogbono seeds were first grown in Southern Nigeria, specifically Igboland. They have various names depending on the variety of the Igbo; for instance in Nupe it’s referred to as pekpeara, in Bini, ogwi, Oro in Yoruba and uyo in Efik. The seeds which are part of the African mango, bush mango and wild mango fruits are the only parts used for preparation of the soup. The mango, despite being edible is not used in the soup-making process. It is consumed separately as a fruit. This special soup is a great source of calcium, magnesium, iron and even potassium. It aids in stabilizing blood sugar level, lowering cholesterol, reducing high blood pressure and weight loss. Perfect choice for a person looking to shed some kilos but still wants to indulge their tasty food cravings.

Preference among West Africans

On the other hand, garri is obtained from processing fresh cassava roots, and is creamy and grainy in nature. Garri is rich in fiber, copper and magnesium making it a definite nutritious mash of cassava. Great for the taste buds and amazing for one’s health.

Ogbono Stew With Garri, Mama Ashanti, Nigerian Food, West African cuisine, Fresh & health food, Ogbono Stew With garri - The Perfect Combo
There are two main types of this cassava, yellow and white garri. The yellow usually gets its color from palm oil used just before the fermenting stage 

or when prepared using yellow-fleshed cassava. White cassava is not fried with palm oil hence retaining its white color. The Yoruba people of Ijebu garri is the Nigerian white garri that is a very popular variation. Ghanaians prefer the sweeter type with finer grains as compared to the sour, large grain variety which they deem to be of less value. To each one their own.

Garri depending on one’s preferred choice, either white or yellow, sweet or sour, with fine grain or large grain, perfectly complements dika(Ogbono soup)Ogbono is served in a bowl , garri  served on a platter. A well rounded ball – but we like to switch things up a little as seen in our photos .

Ogbono stew with garri is the ultimate unforgettable experience you need to savor in our restaurants . Mama Ashanti Waterfront or Mama Ashanti Muthangari Gardens. Experience the great nutritional value and culture behind the taste by making a reservation here or place an order below.

Important: The price of Ogbono Soup above is inclusive of any accompaniment of your choice. Ogbono alone is KShs. 900.

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