The Jollof Rice Wars – Nigerian Party Jollof or Ghanaian Jollof

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Jollof Rice is the most popular and a favorite meal of the Of the West African countries. Known for its sweet aroma, deep red color and spiciness. How could they not clash over it? Nigeria’s Party Jollof and Ghana’s Jollof take the lead in the wars for the best Jollof rice recipes.

Jollof is a very popular rice dish, well beyond Africa, it has its own national day and festivals around the world. However, today we let go of its blooming reputation and dive deep into the ongoing Jollof Wars. In case you’re not aware , Let’s get you up to date! 

“Jollof rice wen dey carry last for inside pot, dey carry first for inside plate”

Dem talk say

What are the Jollof Rice Wars?

The Jollof Rice Wars are the clashes on social media, mass media and in person across the world and different West African countries. Senegal, Nigeria and Ghana take the lead over who makes the best Jollof rice, in a bid to claim the Jollof rice throne.

The main consistent ingredients for preparation of Jollof is rice and tomatoes. Tomatoes for its deep-red color and rice , well, it is a rice dish. The other ingredients vary similar to how different armies employ different tactics during war to gain an upper hand over the opponents.

Nigerian Party Jollof with Deep Fried Chicken

The Senegalese Jollof, is prepared with broken rice , tomatoes, tomato paste ,onions, scotch bonnet peppers, salt, vegetable oil, fish, spices and fermented conch. Nigerians and Ghanaians ,however, played up the dish using their culinary prowess and  have since taken over as the key players in the wars. “The Jollof wars between these two players are more likely to do with the similarities between their Jollof rather than the differences. “stated Jiji Majiri Ugboma, a Nigerian food writer.

Nigerian Party Jollof or Ghanaian Spicy Jollof

Nigerian Party Jollof is prepared with long grain rice. Large particle parboiled rice ( precooked with husk) washed to change texture, boost nutrition and make it more resistant to weevils. It uses mild level tomato, sautéed onions in groundnut oil to build flavor. Thyme, pepper, bullion cubes, curry powder, chilies, paprika, red pepper spice for a warm and spicy sweetness , richness and color. Fish, preferably, crayfish, habanero pepper for a sweet and floral flavor. Nigerian Jollof rice applies a longer cooking process that produces a smoky note. This reacts with the tomato for a smoky, ashy and roasted tomato note giving a savory and delightful character to the rice.

On the contrary, Ghanaian Jollof has a higher tomato flavor composition since Ghanaians love tomatoes in its various forms. They also add meat to the tomato sauce. It has thus been credited to have the most tantalizing spices and flavors. The juiciest and richest meats with a bright orange/red color. Ghanaian Jollof is although not as spicy as Nigerian . It uses less chilies compared to Nigerian Party Jollof. It also prioritizes the use of tomato stew and meat stock for the rice unlike Nigerian Jollof. Uses ginger, onions and hot pepper. With a preference for a unique burnt taste from the reaction between the pot and rice for a sumptuous and authentic Jollof rice.

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Ghanaian Mouthwatering Jollof
Classic Nigerian Party Jollof, Mouthwatering Jollof,Spicy Jollof,Jollof wars,Jollof Rice
Classic Spicy Nigerian Party Jollof

Although many, including the American Embassy in Ghana  have credited the Jollof win to Ghanaians . We simply cannot discredit the parallel superiority of the Nigerian Jollof. It would only be right to declare this a stalemate. Nonetheless , for every war ,there must be a winner and a loser. How about you visit Mama Ashanti, get a taste of the two variants and decide who takes it home!

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